BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastertests: Replace short OpenPGP keyids with fingerprintsJustus Winter2 months
no-treeUse ls instead of treeJustin Gassner8 weeks
1.7.4pass-1.7.4.tar.zst  Jason A. Donenfeld18 months
1.7.3pass-1.7.3.tar.zst  Jason A. Donenfeld4 years
1.7.2pass-1.7.2.tar.zst  Jason A. Donenfeld4 years
1.7.1pass-1.7.1.tar.zst  Jason A. Donenfeld6 years
1.7pass-1.7.tar.zst  Jason A. Donenfeld6 years
1.6.5pass-1.6.5.tar.zst  Jason A. Donenfeld8 years
1.6.4pass-1.6.4.tar.zst  Jason A. Donenfeld8 years
1.6.3pass-1.6.3.tar.zst  Jason A. Donenfeld8 years
1.6.2pass-1.6.2.tar.zst  Jason A. Donenfeld9 years
1.6.1pass-1.6.1.tar.zst  Jason A. Donenfeld9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-09-22tests: Replace short OpenPGP keyids with fingerprintsHEADmasterJustus Winter
2022-09-06emacs: Add command password-store-generate-no-symbolsTino Calancha
2022-03-06emacs: Fix an infloop on Windows enviromentsTino Calancha
2022-01-17Ensure compatibility with tree 2.0Marius Bakke
2021-09-23Fix unecessary reencryptions on MacOSSam W
2021-09-23Exclude `*/.extensions` from grep/reencryptAxel Tripier
2021-09-23Add missing local variable declarationAxel Tripier
2021-09-23Replace 'which' with POSIX equivalent 'command -v'Ayush Agarwal
2021-09-23Default to xclip if wl-clip is not foundSantiago Zarate
2021-06-15Remove shebang from fish completionDan Čermák