BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
configconfigJustin Gassner5 days
masterAdd terminfo entries for bracketed paste modePeter Hofmann8 weeks
no-bold-colorsapplied suckless.org no bold colors patchJustin Gassner7 weeks
scrollbackapplied suckless.org scrollback patchJustin Gassner7 weeks
solarized-darkapplied suckless.org solarized dark patchJustin Gassner7 weeks
0.9st-0.9.tar.zst  Hiltjo Posthuma14 months
0.8.5st-0.8.5.tar.zst  Hiltjo Posthuma23 months
0.8.4st-0.8.4.tar.zst  Hiltjo Posthuma3 years
0.8.3st-0.8.3.tar.zst  Hiltjo Posthuma4 years
0.8.2st-0.8.2.tar.zst  Hiltjo Posthuma5 years
0.8.1st-0.8.1.tar.zst  Hiltjo Posthuma6 years
0.8st-0.8.tar.zst  Hiltjo Posthuma6 years
0.7st-0.7.tar.zst  Christoph Lohmann7 years
0.6st-0.6.tar.zst  Christoph Lohmann8 years
0.5st-0.5.tar.zst  Christoph Lohmann10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2023-10-07Add terminfo entries for bracketed paste modeHEADmasterPeter Hofmann
2023-10-07Unhide cursor on RIS (\033c)Peter Hofmann
2023-10-07Fix wide glyphs breaking "nowrap" modePeter Hofmann
2023-10-07Don't scroll selection on the other screenPeter Hofmann
2023-10-07Fix bounds checks of dc.colPeter Hofmann
2023-09-22Makefile: remove the options targetHiltjo Posthuma
2023-06-25Fix for wide character being incorrectly cleared on MODE_INSERTShi Tian
2023-02-07ignore C1 control characters in UTF-8 modeHiltjo Posthuma
2023-02-07Add support for DSR response "OK" escape sequenceAdam Price
2023-02-05Fixed OSC color reset without parameter->resets all colorsHiltjo Posthuma