BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
configconfigJustin Gassner4 weeks
masterfix buffer overflow when handling long composed inputHiltjo Posthuma5 weeks
no-bold-colorsapplied suckless.org no bold colors patchJustin Gassner4 weeks
scrollbackapplied suckless.org scrollback patchJustin Gassner4 weeks
solarized-darkapplied suckless.org solarized dark patchJustin Gassner4 weeks
0.9st-0.9.tar.zst  Hiltjo Posthuma8 weeks
0.8.5st-0.8.5.tar.zst  Hiltjo Posthuma11 months
0.8.4st-0.8.4.tar.zst  Hiltjo Posthuma2 years
0.8.3st-0.8.3.tar.zst  Hiltjo Posthuma3 years
0.8.2st-0.8.2.tar.zst  Hiltjo Posthuma4 years
0.8.1st-0.8.1.tar.zst  Hiltjo Posthuma5 years
0.8st-0.8.tar.zst  Hiltjo Posthuma5 years
0.7st-0.7.tar.zst  Christoph Lohmann6 years
0.6st-0.6.tar.zst  Christoph Lohmann7 years
0.5st-0.5.tar.zst  Christoph Lohmann9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-10-25fix buffer overflow when handling long composed inputHEADmasterHiltjo Posthuma
2022-10-04bump version to 0.90.9Hiltjo Posthuma
2022-09-16FAQ: document the color emojis crash issue which affected some systems is fixedHiltjo Posthuma
2022-08-18st: use `void' to indicate an empty parameter listTom Schwindl
2022-05-01Makefile: add manual path for OpenBSDHiltjo Posthuma
2022-04-19code-golfing: cleanup osc color related codeNRK
2022-03-18base64_digits: reduce scope, implicit zero, +1 sizeNRK
2022-03-18avoid potential UB when using isprint()NRK
2022-03-13make underlines and strikethroughs respect `chscale`Zacchary Dempsey-Plante
2022-02-18Delay redrawals on palette changesSanttu Lakkala